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Popular Sizes *

All sizes are in inches. Filled sizes are approximate


Size (empty)

Size (filled)

10 Cu. Ft. 29x29x20 36x36x16
15 Cu. Ft. 29x29x28 36x36x24
20 Cu. Ft. 35x35x25 44x44x21
25 Cu. Ft. 35x35x25 44x44x26
30 Cu. Ft. 35x35x35 44x44x31
35 Cu. Ft. 35x35x40 44x44x36
40 Cu. Ft. 35x35x45 44x44x41
45 Cu. Ft. 35x35x50 44x44x46
50 Cu. Ft. 35x35x55 44x44x51
55 Cu. Ft. 35x35x60 44x44x56
60 Cu. Ft. 35x35x65 44x44x61
65 Cu. Ft. 35x35x70 44x44x66
70 Cu. Ft. 35x35x75 44x44x71
75 Cu. Ft. 41x41x59 51x51x55
80 Cu. Ft. 41x41x63 51x51x59
85 Cu. Ft. 41x41x66 51x51x62
90 Cu. Ft. 41x41x70 51x51x66
95 Cu. Ft. 41x41x73 51x51x69
100 Cu. Ft. 41x41x75 51x51x71


29"x29"- Narrow bag for lower weight capacities or high density materials
35"x35"- Standard FIBC
size. Fits on 40"x48" pallet. Most commonly used for domestic and international shipping by truck, rail and
41"x41"- Standard large-
capacity FIBC size for rail shipping. Offers large cu. ft. capacity with reduced height.



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