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Bulksaver Product Line  


A sift-proof container liner combining coated woven fabric with an integrated liner bulk sheet. Stronger than film liners, easy to handle and install, Transpac's Bulksaver (tm) #5001 is equipped with a zipper-top enabling easy closure of the opening. The integrated bulk sheet, manufactured from heavy-duty fabric, combined with four metal bars, assures the safe transportation of the cargo.

Combines a discharge spout with the features of specification Transpac's Bulksaver (tm) #5001. The spout allows for the continuous discharge of the cargo in conjunction with a conveyor belt. The discharge spout can be installed according to customer request as to position and size.

Specifically designed for cargo which needs aeration as well as moisture protection. Transpac's Bulksaver (tm) #5003 can be used in standard containers with no extra ventilation required. This liner is recommended for food products-- it enables the user to fill in hot, humid conditions for shipment to colder, dryer climates.

Manufactured with four spouts -- two for filling and two for discharging. The extra spouts serve as vents to accelerate the filling/discharging process.

Designed for ventilated containers. Detailed specifications upon request.

The Transpac's Bulksaver (tm) #5006 is a "walk-in" liner suitable for fork-lift loading. The reinforced woven fabric allows a lift-truck (with only a little extra care) to drive into the liner without causing any damage. An extra exterior liner of film can provide additional moisture protection.


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